Along the way to school, she witnessed the fresh Passing Eaters raid the newest Hogwarts Display, trying Harry Potter

Recite 12 months

Because she spent half a year inside hospital recovering from their curse, Katie gone back to Hogwarts inside 1997-1998 college or university seasons in order to repeat her seventh seasons. [23]

Into the 1998, at the height of one’s Next Wizarding Battle, Katie, are old, fought from the Competition out-of Hogwarts up against Lord Voldemort with his armed forces regarding Death Eaters. Katie reunited with Oliver, Alicia, and Angelina in the Hogwarts. For the first stage of your competition, she application de rencontres gratuites pour sobres is actually viewed fighting next to Aberforth Dumbledore, Seamus Finnigan, and you will Leanne. [24]

The fight is called to help you a stop whenever Voldemort questioned one to Harry Potter surrender and you can visited him regarding the Taboo Tree, normally however go into the race and you may damage the defenders out-of Hogwarts. Harry surrendered and you may entered new forest, where Voldemort apparently murdered your on the Killing Curse. [25] But not, Harry survived, given that Voldemort got just slain the new Horcrux inside Harry. On final stage of the race, Harry fundamentally endured out from the crowd and you will faced Voldemort one to-on-one to, and you may defeated him into the a last duel, destroying him once and for all. [26]

Following the battle she is actually viewed sitting which have Cho, Padma Patil, and Leanne, most likely pleased that war is in the long run over and Lord Voldemort is lifeless and went permanently. [27] Katie sooner or later live the second Wizarding Battle.

Character and you may qualities

Katie is a friendly individual that are very wanting Quidditch. She has also been kind and you may gentle. Harry Potter immediately following listed, you to definitely off of the Quidditch slope she wouldn’t hurt a fly. She had a sense of equity, recognizing one to Harry deserved new term regarding Quidditch Chief more by herself no resentment. She as well as encouraged your to not ever immediately give their a place towards team in place of very first trying out, because their might possibly be better applicants than just the woman. Additionally, she hated people that had an absolute-blood obsession. Katie thought that there are zero differences when considering absolute-bloods and you can Muggle-borns, since the she turned into including frustrated when Malfoy titled Hermione Granger an effective «Mudblood», proving their become very knowledgeable of individuals of different bloodstream statuses.

Katie was also brave and you may determined, as she was sorted into the Gryffindor household and you may is a part off Dumbledore’s Armed forces, to help you contradict Dolores Umbridge. She and additionally courageously battled near to fellow D.An excellent. people when you look at the Battle of Hogwarts, reverse various Demise People and also ended up surviving the fight, showing the woman enormous loyalty and commitment to protecting their college.

Magical efficiency and you may experience

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